Frequently Asked Questions

Here you will find the most general questions of our clients. If you have
any further questions, do not hesitate to contact us.

Valuable items

We recommend that during the treatments you do not wear any valuable item that is susceptible to loss. During the massage, our clients have a suitable place for their belongings. Oriental Spa is not responsible for any loss or loss of valuables.

Mobile phones

Mobile phones are not allowed. In case you need to have the phone connected, please have it in silent mode.


Depending on the therapy or massage that is contracted, the type of clothing that will be used will vary. For both ladies and gentlemen, the Spa has, free of charge, an appropriate clothing service for each situation.

Food and drink

The consumption of food and drink, apart from that offered free of charge in the Spa, is strictly prohibited. Also, we advise not to undergo any treatment or massage after a heavy meal.


The prices offered in all official Oriental Spa publications are VAT included. Tips are not required, but due to customs deeply rooted in the East, our staff is authorized to accept them, provided that the client considers that the treatment received justifies it.

Payment method

The payment of the services for massage or therapy will be made in cash or by credit card once the treatment has been received. Once this has started, if for any reason outside Oriental Spa, the client must finish before the agreed time, no change in the rate will be applied.


The Spa is designed and prepared so that you can rest your body and relax your mind and spirit. Out of respect for other users, please cooperate with us in maintaining a serene atmosphere, not raising the tone of voice more than necessary. Children are not allowed in the Spa, unless they come to receive some treatment, for which they must attend accompanied by an adult.


In case of being pregnant, it is convenient to know that in the vast majority of our treatments we use oils and essences. Some massages or treatments are not recommended during the first three months of pregnancy. In case of suffering from allergies or any other problem, we recommend that you consult with your doctor, before enjoying any of our treatments. Similarly, please inform us if they currently suffer any type of injury. All the oils and essences used in Oriental Spa are natural and directly imported from Malaysia, Thailand and Indonesia.

Reservations and cancellations

For people who have reserved a specific time, please come to the Spa 15 minutes in advance, in order not to delay the schedule of subsequent reservations. Also, in case of canceling any reservation, we appreciate that you inform us in advance, in order to have the room available for other clients. People who do not show up after 15 minutes of the reserved time will lose all rights to the reservation.